Out of Province Inspection

  All vehicles registered in another province must pass an Out of Province (OOP) Vehicle Inspection before they can be registered in Alberta.

The fist step is to obtain Out of Province Request form. You can purchase this form from any registry.  The second step is to take your vehicle and Out of Province Request form to a licenced mechanic. And finally, the last step is to take Out of Province Inspection (this is what a mechanic gives you after he inspects the vehicle) back to a registry.

What the Inspection Involves
This inspection is a basic safety or mechanical fitness assessment that must be performed by a certified journeyman technician. Typically the inspection takes two to three hours to perform.

The mechanical fitness portion of the OOP vehicle inspection involves virtually all vehicle components including fuel and exhaust systems, all electrical, engine controls, powertrain, driveline, steering, suspension, braking systems, wiring and lights, tires, glass, wipers and defrosters.

The vehicle must be maintained within Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) standards or wear tolerances in order to pass the inspection.

Structural integrity inspections establish whether or not the vehicle's frame and/or body exhibit signs of major collision damage and/or repairs. They also examine the vehicle for corrosion in body or frame members. The OOP vehicle inspection may not be conclusive in determining previous crash history as the inspection technicians are certified automotive service technicians, not autobody collision repair technicians.

Restored antique, classic, homebuilt, modified or street rod vehicles that were not previously registered, or those where proof of prior Alberta registration cannot be provided, must also undergo an OOP Vehicle Inspection the first time they are registered.

Inspection Deadlines
Vehicles that fail the initial inspection must be repaired within 10 days of the failure notice to avoid an additional full inspection fee assessment. Vehicles repaired and presented for re-inspection within 10 days will be subject to verification of required repairs only and payment of re-inspection fee. Inspection certificates are valid for 14 days and vehicles must be registered in Alberta before the expiry date. Should the vehicle owner fail to register the vehicle within 14 days a full OOP Vehicle Inspection will be required again.